Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh You Big Bad Ass

Did you know there are disabled child hunters (DCHs) out there... searching, trolling, lurking... putting a great deal of effort into finding children with Down syndrome just so that they can publicly display their scintillating brilliance with comments like,

“Hey you mothers of Down syndrome kids, you should have swallowed, bitches!”

Oh my, thanks for the heads up, you absolute genius you. Did you learn that from your daddy? Let me guess, if I click on your profile I will see that you are a big bad ass in a band named something like, “We Eat Puppy Shit “complete with a five minute Photoshop logo of black and red splattered fonts and graphics...


And when you get together with your like-minded rockstar friends to drink beer, smoke some dope, and jam out (hopefully with a few overripe teenage hangers-on to watch), do you share your wit? “Hey dudes, guess what I did today? Ha, I fucking left some bitch ass message on a Facebook group board all about retards. I told ‘em they shoulda swallowed, har har har!” Does that impress your posse?

Let me tell you something you big bad dumb ass... It doesn’t hurt us the way you probably hoped it would... no no, instead it makes us all instantly wonder what went wrong with you. Your vileness is a reflection on you, not the strangers you are aiming at. I naturally assume you are relatively healthy, possibly even good-looking, maybe you even have a few ounces of talent on that bass... but you’re broken, everybody can see that. You may as well have taken out an ad in a national newspaper stating that your life sucks and that nothing will ever work out for you, because THAT IS HOW IT GOES for guys like you.

Look in the mirror dude, and repeat after me, “I am a man who hunts for disabled children so that I can make fun of them and hurt their mamas’ feelings. That makes me feel powerful. Why do I feel good when I make women and children feel bad? Because I am not cool. I am a jerk. I need help.”

When you finally realize what you are, here is the number you'll need: 1-800-273-8255.


Meriah said...

Love this!
I'll be reposting this because you've captured exactly - PRECISELY! - how I feel!!
thank you

RissaRoo said...

Wow. Now if I were the parent of THAT guy, I'd be really ashamed.

Scarborough Kindness Project said...

You are just plain awesome!

Melissa said...

Love this!!

Becca said...

That dumbass' FB wall also said something about how posting photos of meat on the wall of the vegan FB pages made him drool. I suspect he's actually really young - this is a total Junior High thing to do. I wouldn't be surprised if he still makes crank calls about running refrigerators...

Great post. Well said.

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