Friday, September 7, 2012

As Fate Would Have It

Did I tell you about the little girl my son the Gecko bullied in summer camp? No? Well she teased him about his name, and he pretty much decked her. When I got the call that night from the girl’s mother, I was a mess... shocked, sad, totally embarrassed and horrified by his behavior.

Soooo, can you guess whose mom is Masha’s Kindergarten aide? Yes indeed, and I am really happy about it.


It took a lot for her to call me to tell me what happened, and it also took a lot for my son to write a beautiful letter of apology. The day he delivered it, I ran into the mom in the camp parking lot. We had a wonderful talk and I left the situation feeling good about what had started off as something terrible.

When I brought Masha in to school for the walkthrough, there she was waiting for us with a huge smile. She gave me a hug and told me how excited she was to be able to work with Masha. I was thrilled and quite relieved because I have been worried about who would play this role for Masha.

I admit I had a fear that they would not choose someone who was looking forward to helping and encouraging a little girl with Down syndrome whose mom fought for her to be educated alongside the “regular kids”. I wondered if the aide would be well-educated, bright, caring, and if she would have a real desire to make a difference in Masha’s life. Well no more worries, and Jade (great name don't you think?) has already admitted to me that she is quite smitten with Masha :-) Here’s to a great Kindy start!

Waiting for the bus...




Lisa said...

Oh! I love this! And could Masha - or your boys - be any cuter??

Becca said...

Whew! That's great news, and it sounds like it's going to be a great year! Love the pics - they're all adorable!

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