Sunday, June 23, 2013

10 Reasons You Wish You Were A Special Needs Mom

The truth is there are advantages to having non-neuro-typical kids. Here are ten reasons why you should be envious of me.


1. I have been saved from life as a shallow Burb mom. I was well on my way there with a husband, a house, a great job, two perfect sons, and a well-used gym membership. Kimani exhumed my deepest self.

2. My parenting is beyond reproach. No one dares to question what I feed my kids, how I discipline them, or any other aspect of how I am raising them.

3. I have x-ray vision. I can see disabled people. In fact, I even had a conversation the other day with a young man in a wheelchair who has CP.

4. I am a badass soldier in an army of fellow parents and advocates. At any time I can call on them for expertise and support. Our sheer numbers are both inspiring and intimidating.

5. Funny stuff happens all the time at my house. Just this morning little Autumn was helping me do dishes by moving things from the waiting side of the sink to the washing side. She carefully handed over silverware, cups, straws... until she got to the pink rubber spatula. That she promptly stuck in her mouth and slurped on.

6. There is a special place in Heaven for me. No matter my beliefs or my constant sins, I get to go to straight to Heaven when I die.

7. I am capable beyond everyday social and cultural expectations. Fate challenged me and I rose up to it. I found that the embers of love and pride are stoked by what is.

8. I can brag unabated about my kids, any of them, and no one will fault me for it.

9. We can do Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, et al, with no lines, no waiting! And, if I wanted to, I could rent out Masha with me as her nanny and make a killing riding amusement park attractions all day.

10. There is something terribly satisfying about living a life of difference. I try not to let it go to my head but I can’t help feeling like I have more than you. I have a piece of the mystery you cannot even imagine correctly.