Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally She Opens the Gifts

We finally had the big birthday bash to celebrate our three summer birthdays... Kimani’s in June, the Gecko’s in August, and Jade’s in September. I wanted to do it over the summer when it would be hot and sunny but for every weekend I planned it, there was something else... some reason why it wouldn’t work then.

birthday-cakeThis past Saturday we had a BBQ, Bouncy House, lots of cake, lots of kids, a pinata, lots of friends... lots of excitement. Too much cake and excitement for Kimani. Just before it was time to open presents she signaled that she had to go potty. My husband took her inside, and she did not come back.

She needed a break he explained to me. She needed a nap. She missed opening her presents, and those who thoughtfully brought them to her missed seeing her open them. I felt really bad about this, so we waited until she was rested and most of the other children were asleep, and we set her up on the couch and let her have at it.

She, for the first time ever, paid attention the whole time. She enjoyed herself. She opened most of the packages with little help. She held and explored each gift. And she was full of smiles the whole time. I wanted her friends could see how much their gifts meant to her...











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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, what a cutie girl! Love her smiles. So glad she enjoyed the excitement of gift opening :)

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