Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Baby!

You won’t catch me blatantly bragging about my sons though there is plenty to tell. I just don’t do that in public.

But today I want to share with you a little bit about Kimani and how she is doing. Just a few of the highlights...

She is now almost 14 months old and weighs just about 20 lbs. Though she looks like a chunky monkey, she is actually in the 3rd percentile for weight on the typical chart and about the 60th percentile on the Down syndrome chart.

She says Dada, Gecko (well not really gecko... she says the real name for my oldest son), all done, and I go (which she uses to say she has done anything from a big poop to jumping in her jumperoo). She signs Mama, food/eat, all done, up, and more.

She eats table food and drinks from a NUK straw cup... uh, this is a minor miracle considering we just broke the 6 year old of his sippy cup and the almost 3 year old of the bottle.

She plays peek-a-boo, claps her hands to play pattycake, can blow a kiss, and squeals with delight when her stuffed Panda tells her he is going to kiss her.

She love love loves water... the bath, a pool... she splashes like crazy and isn’t the least bit phased by water in her face.

She rolls over and over and over, can sit unassisted, tries to push up into a sit, and is starting to pull forward. She has figured out how to work all of her favorite toys and is a grand master of the slinky.

This time last year she was lying in a PICU bed fighting for her life. Now she is growing and becoming quite the little girl. And I love her so.