Thursday, December 18, 2008

WWMD? (Introduction)

Remember a while back when the WWJD fad was everywhere... tee-shirts, pens, hats, bumper stickers? Well, while I do wonder what Jesus would do in certain situations, I find myself more often wondering what his mother did, say when he did the equivalent of flushing her cell phone down the toilet.

There is the off chance that when the Angel came down and announced to Mary that she would be the mother of God, she may have negotiated a bit, "Um, okay, tell God that I agree to be the vessel provided He gives me divine parenting skills so that I never lose my patience and spank the Lord of Heaven and Earth." But I doubt it. Seeing how she was a still teenager and had no children yet, Mary had no idea that she needed to secure this type of deal.

Oh, I can hear you reminding me that Jesus was perfect and probably potty-trained himself when he was 8 months old. However, let's not forget he had plenty of siblings (Matt. 13:55-56). They were not perfect. They probably did all the same things my little dears do.

Did Mary ever scream at the top of her lungs, "Use your inside voice!" Did she ever swat a little bottom while admonishing, "Don't hit your brother!" What DID she do when young James bit a chunk out of Simon's leg? I don't know but I will be contemplating the possibilities here and there in this blog.

I do know that it would be nice if Pampers would print a WWMD? logo on the back of their Cruisers diapers... a deterrent for me as I am swooping in for the whackeroo.


Anonysister said...

Oh, this is too funny (while also being profound). Totally creative.

And, hey, where were those diapers when I had toddlers?!

Billy Coffey said...

Love this post! How hard would it be to have God as your son? Or your brother (I can hear them now: "Jesus NEVER gets in trouble!")

Too funny.

Travis said...

This blog shows some promise. I will be checking in with you and seeing how things are coming along. You two girls sound like a lotta fun, maybe I'll invite you to our next barn raising... Keep up the good work!

Joelle said...

Terrific, belly-laughter! Just what I needed today. Along with plenty to chew on for awhile. Delightful sense of humor, you have! Deep thinker, you are!

Jennifer @ said...

And what do you say when trying to scold a son like Jesus? "Who do you think you are .... God???"

And He responds, "Well, yes, in fact, I am!"

Thanks for sharing your insights. I love this blog.

Anonysister said...

Jennifer, that's hilarious. Thanks for making me smile!

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