Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

is a blog???

Dearest Sister,

I was planning on pretending that I didn't notice this under the tree. Then it occurred to me that I could change the colors and the graphic and re-gift it to some unsuspecting January birthday girl. Oh no, that's me, isn't it.

What is a blog? A blog is like a puppy. It is something wonderful that you should never give to a person who does not have it on his or her Christmas wish list. I double-checked mine. It wasn't there.

I will keep it, and keep it alive. I have learned that sometimes we receive things we didn't know we wanted or needed, things we would not have thought to ask for. Like a daughter with 47 chromosomes or a blog... two new things that will be under my tree this year. Hmm. I hope the latter turns out to be as much of a blessing as the first.


Anonysister said...

Yeah, sorry about that. A blog, like a puppy, is hard to ignore. But I'm glad you're going to whip out the blogosphere Purina and walk your cute little country cyberpuppy around the block from time to time. ;-)

And what a laugh you gave me with the idea of regifting!!

Then... you caught me by surprise by bringing a tear to my eye with your final words. So... blessed be... you... and your little blog... and your sweet unexpected baby.

Jennifer @ said...

What an intriguing concept for a blog. I appreciate your encouragement -- via the link on the righthand rail. And I'm glad I stopped by to visit you two Anonys, or is it Anonies? I'm eager to read more about the two of you ...

Anonysister said...

Jennifer, welcome to the country and the mystifying world of sisterhood.

I kind of like "Anonies" myself, it reminding me of sea creatures, which I like almost as much as I like fields and flowers.

Anonysister said...

Oh!!! I love the picture of her with Santa. Glad you added it (and now I know where babies come from ;-)

Kim said...

Oh! She is beautiful... and so much bigger! Would love to get together sometime soon. Love what you've done to the new digs. I'm pretty excited about mine. Maybe one of you can teach me how to add the library thingy.
oh, I also doubly appreciated your comment:)

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