Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is a Blog?

Dear Sister, it occurred to me this morning that you may not know what you've unwrapped (I'm assuming you unwrapped it early, because, as far as I can recall, you were the one who led the raid on Mom's closet so long ago, for an early peek at the Christmas presents).

Anyway, maybe you don't know what it is I've handed you, all decked out with a silky red ribbon. Maybe you think it is the single vaccine you forgot or (knowing you) refused to administer to your children. I assure you.... your children are safe (relatively). A blog is just a place where you can simply be yourself in writing.

This may seem all but impossible right now (yourself being a charming, witty, intelligent, philosophical, spiritual mother of four and a precious wife to one gorgeous husband). Impossible, because you are tired and probably in need of a good cup of tea, which no one is going to bring you, especially while you are probably cleaning up a potty incident (or perhaps are busy hiding in the bathroom, trying to get at least one bite of secret PopTart to yourself).

Regardless, here's a cup of tea, with cream and sugar and a smile. And here's your blog (now explained). Just be yourself. It's yourself, after all, who I love, love, love.


Anonyblogger said...

Ooh, I know what a blog is... it is a six-month-old Black Labrador in disguise. I want you to know that I saw some lovely Bearded Dragon lizards in the pet store the other day and now I am considering one for your children for Christmas ;-)

Anonysister said...

Ha! Is your blog being that wiggly waggly already? (I can't be held responsible, really... it's your blog, dear Sister :)

Now, I do like beards. Dragons are... good for the myth-lover in me. Lizards... hmmm... can I get back to you on that one?

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