Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Anon, Now That You Mentioned It

I’ll speak to your comment (left on my last post) in the order that you mentioned your concerns.

1. As far as I know there are no children in this country dying of starvation and dehydration tied to metal cribs in mental institutions. If I am wrong, and you know this for sure, please hang up and dial 911 and direct the authorities to the scene of the crime.

I have not forgotten the children in my own backyard, I just haven’t seen any there that need me to adopt them the way these girls do.

2. I wish the US made that its calling. If so, the world would be a better place.

3. There is a waiting list to adopt a child with Down syndrome in the United States. There are over 200 families waiting at any given time. Most of these babies don’t even make it into foster care and are snapped up right at their hospital of birth.

4. If you have a bed and food, and medical insurance, you should adopt those children that you know need it. Saving a child’s life has nothing to do with national borders. If you and everyone who felt like you do adopted a US child out of foster care, well we wouldn’t even need foster parents anymore! I look forward to following your adoption blog, please post a link for us.

5. It is actually 25 thousand dollars, plus 5k more for the second one.

6. We can afford to raise two more children. Our finances have been gone over and proven to an accredited agency that has recommended us as being able to provide a good home and a bright future to two more children.

7. We do not have 30 thousand dollars laying around, ‘tis sad but true. If you donated, we’d get it faster though ;-)

8. The worst kids of all? As judged against what criteria? Well, no worries, we had to prove that we carry private health insurance before we were approved to adopt... so your precious medicaid system is relatively safe from my little raiders.

9. Thank you for bringing this all up and giving me the opportunity to talk about these things.

Anonymous is not alone. Anonymous is not the first person to hint around (ok, so anon didn't hint) that what we are doing... well... might cost American taxpayers money someday. Money taken away from you by our gov't and spent on people with special needs. Well, yeah, the possibility is there, and I’m sorry about that. Hopefully our trust will always provide for our girls, but if it doesn’t, I ask you now to forgive me for saving their lives.


Courtney said...

**Applause**, TUC.

"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life." ~Jane Addams

Holly Waligora said... told him!! Love it!! What an ignorant person, I can't stand it when people speak of something they know nothing about! Your daughters are lucky to be coming home with you soon...God Bless!

The Sanchez Family said...

Standing Ovation!!!!! THANK YOU for putting into words and into a blog EXACTLY how we feel and know to be the truth.

Lisa said...

Out. Standing.

Stephanie said...

May God bless you for what you're doing. The callousness and greed of the human race never fail to astound me.

stephanie said...

Your eloquence blows my mind!!!!! I seriously had about two words for this imbecile!

RissaRoo said...

One thing that looking at the situation in Eastern Europe (and so many other countries) has done for me is given me an appreciation of America. Americans take care of little children and our government, however imperfectly, does provide medical care, food and shelter for children in need. America makes sure that abandoned children are cared for in trained foster families and receive food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and medical care. There are no babies waiting with critical heart defects with no hope of surgery due to lack of money or lack of expertise to fix it. There are no children with no hope of education, intervention, and attention... and no children who lack the freedom to leave the confines of an institution crib. I love it that there are so many Americans who are willing to adopt a precious child with DS that there is a waiting list! I love that. America has a big heart.

Well, let me rephrase that. Obviously there are exceptions to that statement. Hateriots who feel that America needs to protect itself from scary things like orphans.

Anon, find me a child in America living under those unspeakable conditions, facing the same terrible future. I'll jump in the car, race there at top speed, and adopt that child immediately. Otherwise, please let amazing people like TUC show the world that it's 100% American to care about those living outside the imaginary map lines of our country. I will be extra proud to know I'm an American this July 4th because of what I've learned about international adoption in the last year.

Leah said...

Oohhh I responded last night but it disappeared. Anon: Here's the thing. How many children have YOU adopted? Do you have an empty seat at your table? Do you have have an empty bed, or room for one in a bedroom? Are you under the age of 50? If you answered yes to all of those and haven't adopted, then don't even bothered opening your mouth. If you at one time WERE able to answer yes to those things and didn't adopt, don't open your mouth! If you feel "I'm not cut out for adoption" and leave it up to everyone else, then don't bother opening your mouth. I think there are a lot of people who are "called to adopt" and there are a lot of people who are able to adopt and totally ignore it for their own selfish reasons. Are you one of those? The child I'm adopting spent the first 8 years of her life tied in a crib. That doesn't happen here in the United States (at least not legally!) She has spent the last 2 years enjoying life outside a crib for the first time, but very shortly will be sent back to a place similar to where she just came from. Show me a place like that here in the US. Here, even children in foster care who have nothing but a name have services and care available to them, and an education waiting for them if the want it. Show me where, in the bible, God tells us to adopt but to stay within the boundaries of our own country. I haven't been able to find that anywhere, perhaps I'm missing it? Besides, when we choose to adopt internationally, have you researched where that money goes? The vast majority of it It (85%) goes to the US government!!! What would be great is if it was filtered back to US orphans, but it's not. Nobody really knows where it goes to. Funny how that works. So please, before you jump on your soapbox again, do your research so you can at least have an educated discussion.

The Hapa Girl said...

can I quote you or link your blog post?

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