Saturday, June 12, 2010

Am I Crazy?

Many many people have asked if my husband and I are nuts for adopting two Eastern European orphans with Down syndrome. They try to say it in a joking manner, but they are implying that maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Mallory is three years old. On her 4th birthday she will be institutionalized. Have a look at her future.


I am not exaggerating. Read all about it here.

Am I crazy? No I don’t think so. Can you look at that picture and read that post and do nothing to help the families who are willing to take these children? Can you turn away and forget what you have seen? Are you crazy?

If 1000 people throw in just $25 each, one less child ends up tied to a metal crib for life. We need your help to save these children:
Mallory and Peach
Visit Mallory and Peach's adoption blog

Visit Yana

Visit Makayla's adoption blog

Visit Josiah's adoption blog

Want to do even more? There are lots of families on Reece's Rainbow who are in the process of saving orphans. Go visit them and show them some tax-deductible love.


RissaRoo said...

TUC: Not crazy.

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

:) Hey, you can go look at the NEW improved button now. I only just got it there...

Leah said...

Thank you for posting this! You know, the girl we're adopting came from this very place! (I have a picture of her, which was taken during the investigation.) She was saved by the doctor of the facility she's currently in, and is there temporarily. If a bed opens up in another facility (much like the one pictured above) she'll be sent back there! As soon as her country gets her paperwork in order, we'll begin our fundraising in earnest. Until then, like you said, there are so many families who are adopting right now! I have a good friend who has adopted 2 children, and they are working on their 3rd, (one of our girl's groupmates) and are $8,000 short. They need help!

Anonymous said...

You know, people forget that there are children right here in our back yard in very dire situations like those abroad. The U.S. has made its calling to be rescuing everybody. It's ridiculous! There's plenty of special needs children right here. Instead of them being adopted it's people like you who spend $20,000+ to adopt outside the U.S. And then you fund-raise because you can't afford it! If you want to adopt then the family should be willing to find their own money outside of fundraising to get their kids home. And you get the worst kids of all and they will end up on medicaid and other programs that the needy children here will not get because yours will have first dibs due their issues they brought with them.

Stephanie said...

If you are so sure you are right and proud of your oppinion, anon.....why not leave your name?

IMHO - you are a coward and a bigot, upset that somebody else has the courage to do something you couldn't dream of. If you are rooling in dough and an expert on adoption here in the State, please go out & adopt!

STEPHANIE (look, I stand behind my oppinions and can even sign my name to them!)

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

TUC, you are crazy! I'm adopting two little, and I mean LITTLE, boys with Down Syndrome and I'm crazy too! But, it's only crazy to the world. In God's economy it makes perfect sense to sacrifice to save one or two little helpless children. They are rejected and despised. What we do for them we are doing for Jesus!

ch said...

Goodness. I know the misguided opinions of "Anonymous" have already been eloquently addressed, but as a mother who chose domestic adoption...twice...I can say that the costs being incurred for international adoption are QUITE similar to those incurred pursuing an adoption for a special needs child in the United States...especially when that child is being adopted across state lines.
I'd also like to mention that, even with multiple disabilities, neither of my children qualified for Medicaid or subsidies and children born internationally have ADDED difficulties in qualifying for the financial aid that ANY disabled child in the United States ought to qualify for, regardless of how they came to be citizens of our country.
Fundraising is an excellent way for those who believe in the cause of special needs adoption to support its good work when they are unable to open up their own homes and families to an individual in need of one. I think many people are grateful for the opportunity to be personally involved in their pursuits, rather than critical of their decision to NOT wait to win the lottery before intervening on behalf of these children.
Thank you for posting the comment that allowed TUC to remind all of us of the motivations and hearts of those who actually pursue this endeavor. What a blessing her family's efforts provide in the example they set and the opportunity they present to support them in the days ahead.

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