Friday, February 1, 2013

Authenticity and Vulnerability

I didn’t write that post yesterday to invite ego stroking (though I admit it was nice to hear from so many people that you give a hoot what I have to say.) I wrote it because I was really struggling with how honest and vulnerable I am willing to get in my writing. Because there are consequences that come with being authentic and sharing the real deal.

While the comments I received here and on FB were encouraging, one of them was a game changer. It came from an IRL reader who I went to grade school with. I wish she and I lived close enough for coffee dates because while she was cool in school (heh heh) she grew up to be even cooler and has had more than her fair share of grief and life experience. She directed me to a blogger named Brené Brown who writes a blog called Ordinary Courage. My friend suggested I watch a video, and I did.

That was it, that was all it took to know that I can overcome my fears (and an unhealthy dose of shame) to step off the cliff and be authentic and vulnerable. It’s not like I won’t lighten things up with a cake pop post here and there but I believe it is time for me to dig deeper into my heart and mind and let the b-side of me out of her cage.

Just promise me that if you are going to stick around for it that you will be gentle me :-) Oh, yeah and those of you who know me IRL, just pretend someone else has appropriated this blog. Deal?


Lisa Morguess said...

Love. I'll be here!

meriah said...

I think if it wasn't hard to step off the cliff, it wouldn't be a cliff. But stepping off the cliff might be easiest way to learn how to truly fly?
In any case, I'm with you!

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