Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where Are Your Reindeer?

You all know how I tell my kids the truth that there is no Santa right? Well apparently I wasn’t quite so clear about it.

Last night while we were getting ready to take our annual drive through the lights in the park which culminates in a visit with Santa, I reminded the boys that there was no need to tell anybody there that Santa is really mommy. Jade gave me the interrogating eye and said, "Mommy how can you get all around the world with no reindeer?" "Um, I am just your Santa. All children have their own people who bring them gifts. There is no real Santa that has reindeer and delivers presents to everybody." Jade responded, "I don’t believe you."

Who the heck does he believe? The t.v.? The kids at school? The guy dressed up in the park playhouse? Whatever.

So here are the results of our crazy visit with Santa. By the way, I sat on his lap too and told him I have been good, and asked him for a nanny.


Can you tell my Irish twins (Masha and Jade) are a complete and total handful?

Can you guess who wanted nothing to do with Santa?

Merry Christmas to you all!

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