Wednesday, February 10, 2010

STFU Sarah

I’ve been a little too busy for the past couple of years to form a solid opinion of Sarah Palin. My mom loves her, my auntie despises her... It really has a way of ruining an afternoon tea at my house.

She just hadn’t ever done anything right enough or wrong enough to sway me either way. But that has all changed now.

You see when some apathetic big shot throws around the big R insult, Sarah’s opinion on it gets heard. Me, I write my heart out, leaving my blood and guts on the page and maybe a couple hundred or so people see it... a good 90% of whom are in the choir I am preaching to. But what Sarah writes on her FB account gets national coverage.

This woman is in a position to change things. She is in a position to stand up for Trig and for Kimani, and for all the intellectually disabled. Wow, what I wouldn’t give to be in control of her Twitter account for five minutes.

And so what does she do? She kisses Rush Limbaugh’s buttocks at the expense of her own child’s dignity. “Oh what Rush said? That was just satire, ha ha, and when you reference my retarded child using satire, well that’s ok.”

Here’s some real satire for you Sarah. Hope it breaks your heart like it did mine.


L.L. Barkat said...


one_plustwins said...

I too am appalled by her spineless tactics. She was handed a golden ticket opportunity to make and example out of Limbaugh but since his is a Republican in her party she crumbled, tucked her tail and said satire is ok. SHAME ON HER! Great post. I went off on this today too, but my post is not near as nice as yours. :)

Far Above Rubies said...

I am currently reading Rogue, and am undecided whether or not I really like her. I wanted to read her book to get a true sense of who she is. Still not sure. But one thing I do know she does have the power to make a difference for the "disabled."

She's messing with the big guys and they hate her. She's a conservative with christian values - most people hate what she stands for. The media will go out of their way to destroy her.

As far as what she allowed with Rush - if it is like they say - was wrong, and I noticed in her book - she doesn't even know the "politically correct" words to use when describing her own son. I thought that was odd.

However, let's not forget the good that she has done. And yes, she has done some good.

My question of Sarah has always been is she driven to do what she does or has she been called to this fight. If she has been called by God to fight than she will bounce back and do right. If she's driven - she's going to fail.

Honestly, I think I want to see her succeed. She needs our prayers.

As always, my friend - you make me think. I appreciate it.

Thank you.

DownTownDan said...

Thanks so much for the link. And this post gave me the courage to write a Sarah Palin post of my own, so thanks for that, too. I love this blog. :)

Tom P. said...

I have to admit that I sort of knew right from the start that it was all political to her. She cried and shouted to the heavens for Emanuel's firing. But what about the Republican governor who had used that word? Why shouldn't he have been fired? We shouldn't be chasing after people to lose their job because they used the R-word. We should ask them to stop using it. We should ask them to go to the web site and read what is there. We should ask them to take the vow to stop using it. Getting people fired isn't the answer. Getting people to join us is the answer.

Grizzly Bear said...

Oh my goodness this bugged me to no end. She was all flippin loca on emanuel and then rush oh ya it is all good.. I was like wtf are you serious.... are you fn serious.... I totally like was team palin and now I am like you are just a puppet lady..... rush is an ass......

If you are going to stand up for something make sure it is across the board if not shut your mouth.. ugghhh..... annoying......

now there was some episode on family guy and a the cartoon character has down syndrome and says her mother was the govenor of Alaska... so what you got to say now palin.. satire here too.. AVE maria! I tell ya!

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