Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 Reasons Why

usWhen you first fall in love, it seems so easy to list the reasons why. It took me maybe a half hour to come up with a hundred of them, printed out on textured grey paper, rolled into a scroll, tied off with red ribbon.

A decade, four kids, and many trials later, it gets a little tougher.

Oh, I know I love him... I just can’t always remember why as I move through this endless pile of laundry and glance at that sink full of dishes. And I am vaguely distracted by a distant memory of life before him, when freedom meant being able to wake up a world away with no return ticket.

So I sat there staring at a blank screen wondering if it was at all possible to conjure up a new list without peeking at the old list.

I love you because...
Panic sets in. Do I even really love you still?

My fingers type... 1. Those beautiful blue eyes. 2. You never complain. 3. You root for my Giants. ♥

Before I know it, I am on number 15. You can find anything I lost. Then zing... 23. You let me sleep late... often. 39. You make a lot of sacrifices to get things for me. And 48. Any roller coaster, anywhere.

63. You’ll eat almost anything.
64. You take the dirty jobs.
66. “Honey can you get me a...” Always a yes.
67. That little dance you do.
70. You are kind to living things.

Oh, I am on a roll now. Elizabeth Barrett Browning ain’t got nothing on me.

74. You are generous.
75. You drove through the heart of Chicago during rush hour without getting us killed.
79. You like to make up and don’t stay mad for long.
88. You always remember my birthday and our anniversaries and every other special day. ♥

Huh, this isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Did I really think I hated you just yesterday?

93. You agreed to more children.
95. You let me warm up my cold parts on you.
96. You forgive my imperfections.

And finally, 100. For thirteen years you have loved me completely and unconditionally and I hope you will continue to do so forever more. ♥

Done. Another list tied with another red ribbon. Happy Valentine’s Day love.

(Oh, my dear blog reader, you want the unabridged version? Look me up on EBay... I’ll sell you a copy, cheap ;-)


L.L. Barkat said...

Gorgeous picture of you guys! :)

And I love this. Totally great. You deserve a feature at Highcallingblogs (or is it him who deserves the feature? ; - )

@bibledude said...

This is really cool! I love that the 'silly dance' made the list. I have one too. Do you think my wife likes it too... even if she just rolls her eyes when I do it?

Thanks for sharing.... not just the list, but even your story about making it was inspirational in its own way.

Far Above Rubies said...

You are absolutely beautiful. xox

He sounds like a wonderful man. You deserve nothing but the best!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I should make a list. And I can steal or slightly modify all of yours to make my list a little easier. Let's see...

#1 (substitute brown)
#3 not applicable
#67 Edit to: That little dance you let me do
#100 Edit to: 19 years!

Thanks for the inspiration (and LOVE the photo)!

Anonymous said...

By the way...would you want to include this in the Love Stories project at HCB this coming Wednesday? I could include the link in our round-up.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on 13!

cd said...

You have a GREAT man!! We are both blessed with great husbands!

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