Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa and the Hypocritical Blogger

We took the kids to see the Lights in the Park display... a dazzling spectacle of over 125 holiday scenes made up of Christmas lights. The kids loved it and I have to say it was positively impressive this year.

After the drive, we visited the craft show and had some treats. Can you guess who was there? Uh huh, Santa. Can you guess who let her kids sit on his lap? Yup, yours truly. I even let my husband snap pictures of my hypocrisy for your viewing pleasure.

Santa and the kids

Seriously though, I am fascinated by how they still want to check him out even though they know the real deal (in fact Gecko even announced it to Santa who promptly responded that he landed a spot on the naughty list for it.) Should I have denied their request to chat with him with a loud, “No way, he might be a pervert! It isn’t safe to take candy from strangers”? Perhaps, but instead I opted for the stranger-danger after talk.

Clearly the “in it/of it” thing is still a little blurry for me.


Leah Spring said...

I totally understand not doing the Santa thing. (We do it, love it, but I understand why people don't) What I DON'T get is people who don't do Santa, but they do the tooth fairy, or Easter bunny. Seriously? A rabbit hopping around sneaking into people's houses leaving candy is less (insert whatever adjective you want here) than Santa? And the tooth fair? She gives money and gifts in exchange for your teeth???? To me, if you (as in the general population, not YOU in particular) don't do Santa, then you probably shouldn't be doing the other creepy characters either, right? Just my thoughts, anyway.

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, I like a little Santa picture now and then.

We never "did Santa"; probably okay, 'cause our kids were actually pretty terrified of the big stranger in a white beard! :)

Lisa said...

HA HA HA! Too funny :)

the Jeffr said...

Oh, this is delicious. Did Frank see this?

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