Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pro-Choice/Life/Adoption Plea

It is that time of the election cycle when abortion becomes a hot topic again. When does life begin, and who has (or does not have) the right to end it... and where is the line drawn between the right of the mother to not become a mother and the right of the developing baby to become a full-fledged infant?

I have said it before and I will reiterate it now, I am pro-choice. I wish that every pregnant woman could choose to continue forward, but I get it... I understand the many reasons why some can’t or won’t. And as long as that decision is made before 20 weeks, I am ok with other people deciding what is best for them and theirs.

I wish the pro-life folks, those that cannot reconcile the willing destruction of a fetus with their beliefs, would turn some of that compassion and urgency to help toward those already born and wasting away in orphanages and institutions. I wish the pro-choice people, those who know how destructive it would be to force unwilling women to become reluctant mothers, would turn some of that concern and desire for personal freedom toward the existing products of those who were born unwanted. In fact, I plead with everyone to consider adopting before voting. And if like so many people you feel unable to adopt, can you donate toward to the families who are forging ahead with their pro-choice/life adoption agenda?

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you can make a huge difference in the life of an orphan. I know of a beautiful family who is adopting. They are taking a blind referral... which means that they do not even yet know the child they will save. They are moving ahead on faith and the belief that every child deserves life with a family to love them. The only thing standing in the way of this real flesh and blood child getting the chance to live a full life outside of the institution that awaits him or her is money. This family needs to raise $7000 in September to be able to complete the lifesaving process they have committed themselves to.

This morning while I was drinking my sweet latte, I got thinking that if every person I know who cared about either side of the abortion issue made the choice to give just the tiniest bit, even just the value of one cup of coffee, a waiting orphan could be saved. So as you get ready to vote with your heart this Fall, can you make a difference with your wallet today?

If so, please donate what you can to the Lakes family. Anything, any amount no matter how small will go a long way toward saving the life of a child who is waiting... waiting... waiting for them and waiting for you.

I remember when we were adopting... I remember worrying about funding... I remember that amazing feeling when a stranger gave a little gift toward our mission. Now because of the generosity of family, friends, and strangers, we have two beautiful little girls. Two girls whose lives look nothing like they did two years ago. Thank you for helping us pull it off, and thank you in advance for helping the Lakes family to do the same.

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Melissa said...

I "know" Tara from babycenter and have been meaning to donate. Thanks for the reminder! I'm off before I forget again.

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