Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's a Hop!

Guess what? October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This means that we-who-love-someone-with-Ds will go out of our way to tell those of you who may not even know anyone with Ds what its all about.

This year my friend Meriah (With a Little Moxie) and I will be hosting a Ds Awareness Blog Hop (beginning Oct 5th) as a part of the T21 Writer's Alliance.

First things first: What is a Blog Hop?
A blog hop is when a bunch of bloggers share their posts at the end of our “hopper” posts by entering their url and blog name in a “linky”. Once a fellow blogger submits their link, it comes up as a part of a collected list. From the list, visitors can click and check out the writers on the list to read their posts.

I have never hosted a Blog Hop before but I am pretty excited to do it. I enjoy reading all my friends posts and having them all linked together is such a great way for we slackers to catch up with everyone.

October Down syndrome Weekend Blog Hop
The point of the October Down syndrome Weekend Blog Hop is raise awareness about life with Ds, connect the Down syndrome blogging community, and to inspire each other.

Those of you that are participating in the 31-for-21 Blogging Marathon, please select the one post you liked best that you posted in the course of the week and share that on the Hop.

For those of you that are not participating in 31-for-21, please select either a new post or a favorite past post and share that.

For Those of You that Like Prompts
Ellen Stumbo has shared optional prompts for the hops. They are:
Oct 5 – 7: A defining moment
Oct 12-14: If I knew then what I know now
Oct 19-21: Celebrating milestones
Oct 26-28: What I look forward to

Those (wonderful) prompts are entirely optional: take ‘em or leave ‘em.

Blog Hop Button

T21 Alliance Blog Hop

Share this Hop! The more the merrier!

Blog Hop Code
There will be a link "get code" link at the bottom of each blog hop – it would be great to click, copy and paste the code to your own blog. When you do that, you yourself become a host for the Blog Hop. You help share the diversity of expression, thought and belief in our writing community when you include the voices of everyone else in the Hop.

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