Saturday, October 26, 2013

Triple Bunk Delight (Dilemma?)

Masha and Autumn share a small bedroom, and for the longest time we have been trying to figure out how to get all three girls in there and still end up with space for their things. A couple months ago I was googling for bunk beds and came across a site where the guy makes triple bunks, any custom size or specification you want. We emailed back and forth and not only did he agree to make what we need, but for less than we paid for one of our son’s captain beds. I sent out a check for the deposit and the shipping and we waited eagerly.

Yesterday they came, all 300+ pounds of them on a pallet wrapped tightly in a blue tarp and lots of plastic wrap. Last night my husband and his buddy went to work and in about an hour, they were done.

The plan was to start with Masha in the top bunk while Autumn stayed in her crib for a couple weeks to see how it works. Then we would move Autumn to the bunks and have Kimani move into the crib in their room so that she could see how it is supposed to work. We knew it might be months before they willingly go in, and stay in. Our biggest worry was that one of them would wake up during the night (or wee morning hours) and decide to get up and get into trouble.

Masha was already asleep when the bunks were completed, so I carried her into her room and stuffed her up on the top bunk. I piled quilts around the bed on the floor just in case she wriggled to the foot of the bed and fell out through the opening.


Sure enough when we went in there to check on her this morning, she was awake and full of smiles up there. And Autumn was watching her and squealing with joy. In fact Autumn was so excited about the beds, that I decided to throw her mattress in the middle bunk and see what happened. As if the mattress was filled with magnets, the two little girls went for it.



Masha decided that her bed was more fun, so she climbed back up into hers. Which prompted Autumn to want to do it. A firm, “No, no Autumn that is Masha’s bed,” from me and “MY BED!” from Masha did not deter her and she made her way up there as soon as mama left the room.



The good news is that they love the beds.

The bad news is that not one of them is willing to go in the bottom bunk. I got flat out refusals from all three of them, with some animated “Up, up, uuuuup,” whining from Autumn. What to do? I can force someone into the bottom bunk but I already know that child will end up with another in the middle bunk, and for sure a fight will ensue.

More bad news... a temptation I had not considered. (Masha, don’t mess with the light; “I can’t help it. It’s so beautiful!” Zap.)


And even more bad news... it won’t be long before Kimani makes her way to the top bunk.


So while in theory the triple bunk beds are one of my better ideas, we will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

If you are interested in a beautiful bunk bed set for a very fair price, go visit Jason.


Unknown said...

Wow. He really did a nice job. I hope your sleeping arrangements goes smoothly:)

SilvanaHebert said...

Oh Lord! I am cringing just looking at the pictures. There is NO WAY I could trust Colette with those beds. You are a brave woman.

Lisa said...

Wow, that's awesome! Are they full size twin beds?

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