Friday, September 6, 2013

Kimani's Pre-K Graduation

This was supposed to be a post telling you all about Kimani’s first days of Kindergarten but once I got started writing it, I realized that we can’t go from Pre-K to Kindy without some fanfare and a pile of cute graduation pictures, right?

On Friday August 16th, Kimani graduated from Pre-K and I did not cry. Maybe I teared up a little, but no drops spilled over. Was that because she is my 5th kid graduating from Pre-K or was it because she will be attending Mommy Homeschool Kindergarten this year instead of going to the private self-contained program we had agreed to last spring? Or was it because they covered up her adorable graduation dress with an over-sized tie-dye t-shirt and I was too annoyed to cry? I don’t know, and I don’t care, the whole thing was simply too exciting to analyze.

Here she is making her entrance into the gym


First the kids sang for us. Sometimes Kimani was cooperative and participated.


Reaching for the stars her certificate. (A certain someone could have thought about how her cleavage was going to show up in the pictures, or who knows... maybe she did.)


Kimani’s idea of posing for mama, NOT.


What she really thinks of all this fussing


Getting congratulatory kisses


Making mommy clap for her. Those are Jade’s hands joining in.


I kinda wish Kimani could stay in Pre-K forever since there seems to be no better next step for her.

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Unknown said...

Lovely pictures. I especially love the last two. Who would ever cover up a pretty dress like that ! Congrats sweet girl and have fun with mom in kindergarten!

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