Sunday, July 28, 2013

If I Should Die

Or rather if my husband and I should die, what will happen to them?






That has been on my mind lately.

All the life insurance in the world can’t buy new parents.

Am I the only one struggling to come up with a plan in the event the worst happens?


Anonymous said...

There is me. I would never let them go without a home. I wouldn't let them be separated. -tk

TUC said...

I ♥ TK

Anna Theurer said...

You are not alone. . . I have the same fear/worry/uncertainty too.

Anonymous said...

I totally fear this too. We do not have family who would be able to take over. It is extremely scary and depressing to contemplate. Long live us all.

jisun said...

You are definitely not alone. We are burying our heads in the sand over this. There's no perfect solution. In a strange way, it is a small part of why I blog, because I want the people close to us to know the details of our thinking, our values. Maybe I'm odd, but it's true.

goldenleaves said...

You are not alone. Even though my sister would be more than happy to take them, the thought of my children being in this world without me takes me breath away.

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