Friday, April 13, 2012

School Pictures

Remember last year’s school picture? I am still ashamed of my initial reaction to it. I don’t know... if one of my other children brings home a crappy school pic I either laugh it off or shrug it off because it has no connection to anything emotional to me. But with Kimani everything is tied so tightly to my heart strings.

After school on the Thursday before spring break I was cleaning out the backpacks, Masha’s first, and there it was, the heavy crisp white picture envelope. I couldn’t wait to see my little cutie looking all schoolgirlish. Hmm, I was not bowled over. “Cute, but next time I need to do something different with her hair,” I thought.


Kimani’s backpack could have been sitting in a snake nest at that moment for all the hesitation I was feeling. Oh, dang it.... just open it and look. And when I did I caught a tiny woosh of air in my throat, followed by that strange muscle tightening that tells me I might cry. “She’s so beautiful,” my eyes said and all the rest of me agreed.



Anonymous said...

next year there will be three little girls pics to look at :)

TUC said...


Oh my goodness, I know! I am so excited about Autumn starting school in the Fall. She is going to totally rock pre-K :-)

Leah Spring said...

LOVE the pictures of BOTH girls! I will confess, that for several years I found a reason to show up at school on picture morning, and would offer to just "hang around and help out". NOBODY could ever get Angela to smile like I could. (no, for real.) But this was her first year of high school, and "the moms" don't go along for pictures anymore. I hated them.

This year for Axel's picture, at 11 years old the first time he's ever had a school picture, not enough language to understand why everyone was taking turns standing/sitting on that block, and what that black thing is the person is standing behind, I made it clear I would be showing up for pictures.

And now there is Asher, and I know that next year two kids will have pictures on the same day...... Sigh

Lisa said...

They're both beautiful!

For what it's worth, I pretty much hate all my kids' school pictures. I don't even know why we pay for them, because they come home and get stuck in a drawer (which is now overflowing with school pics), and that's pretty much the end of them. I much prefer the day-to-day shots we take than the posed school pics with the fake backgrounds. But I know, it's kind of just part of the whole school deal.

Jody said...

Eden's was so horrible in the fall, I sent it back...for a full refund :0) Spring picture day next week...hoping for better results!

Unknown said...

great pictures!! so cute! Maddie starts school this year...SCARED but the pix should be I sent Max to school and his hair was out of was picture day! smiles

sandieflannery said...

Now that Jillian is 20, I still have anxiety over her pictures! As an Early Intervention Teacher I work closely with the school photographer Leslie, so that every child's picture is 'perfect'. She comes down to my class and hangs with the kids so they are comfortable and she knows each child and what to expect from them. It's intense but I know the importance of that picture!!! Both girls are beautiful and Kimani is like a porcelin doll!!

TUC said...

Sandie, for every parent that maybe doesn't realize what you do and how much you care I say "Thank you!"

CJ said...

They are both unbelievably beautiful! I cringe when I get Em's. One year, anticipating the worst, I even ordered them in black and if that could fix it!

I love all her typical photos, but school photos rarely flatter her!

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