Saturday, May 2, 2009

Triple Play Date

Our playgroup, Triple Play, got together for lunch last week. Getting five little ones to all look the same way and smile while five mommies are trying for that perfect shot is a tough. (Where is Artist Anaa when you need her?)

We took the kids to the store today and I realized that I am still watching people watch her. I wonder what they see. I am so crazy about her and I see so many children with Down syndrome all the time now that I no longer see it. I only see them.

Then I take her out. You would think babies have magnets instead of poop in their diapers or something. People just gravitate to her carseat and stare. Surely it is because she is so darn cute.

So let's just suppose Mary had a baby with ds. She, Jesus, and the rest of the gang are wheeling the baby around the market square and over come the "lookers". Does a popular tune run through Mary's mind, "Don't you wish your baby was cute like mine?" Does she ignore them? Does she speak up, "What the Sheol are you staring at?" What would Mary do?

Exactly What They Were Staring At:


cd said...

When I read this, I instinctively thought as you did - that people must be looking because she looks "different". But as I think back to shopping yesterday morning, I can't help but remember making googly eyes with every little baby that was being wheeled around the store. (Since mine are at school now, I have that luxury!) I just can't resist looking into a child's beautiful smiling eyes, or trying to distract a crying baby to somehow give that desperate mom one moment of help. So know that some people might just be looking because of the irresistible urge to gaze on His beautiful creations!

TUC said...

cd - Thanks for the reminder that some of you ooglers are truly nice people who can't resist a baby.

Jo Ashline said...

I relate completely. Although Monchichi's autism doesn't show physically the same way ds does, when someone asks him a question and he does not forces all sorts of thoughts through my mind. Hmmmm...I think Mary would hug Jesus a bit tighter and not give a hoot what anyone else thought. Your photo is precious by the way! Gorgeous!

Linda said...

Well at least you posted the picture so we could see why people stare at her. She's beautiful! Seriously,though, I think people just look at babies in general. I know that I do. Thanks for posting the pictures of your playdate-what a good-looking bunch of kids! You are blessed to have so many playmates for your angel!

Monica said...

Yes, I think it is because she is just so darn cute, that people are attracted to her!! My heart melts whenever I see a baby.

I think Mary would smile proudly (but humbly) and introduce herself and thee beautiful baby (while the tune"Don't ya think your baby was cute like mine" was totally going in her head) and Jesus would be just as proud and amazed at thou sibling!! And I don't think they would even mention the down syndrome, unless of course someone would ask, and then it would be addressed but only as yes, the baby has down syndrome, but this baby is also a beautiful work of God, made in his image... and everyone would live happily ever after.

I think it is awesome you have a "group" :) I have a little group we all have roughly the same age kiddo's with down syndrome and have been friends since they were baby's/toddlers it has been so fun to see them grow up together, they are the best of buds!!!! And their mom's have become some of my best friends!! ~Great Picture~

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