Monday, January 5, 2009


The woman examined her marriage as if it were a plate of leftovers retrieved from a back corner of the refrigerator. Holding the chilled dish in her hand, she lifted the foil wrapped edge and sniffed at it. A stale scent, with a hint of decay, gave her pause. She peered at the unrecognizable mounds trying desperately to remember what once had been there. Nothing came to mind. The fuzzy blue telltale signs of mold were not a surprise to her. Surely, she thought, no amount of spice infusions and reheating would salvage this. Pronouncing it a waste, she scraped the plate off into the garbage bucket under the sink.

A curling twang in her belly reminded her of why she had been rummaging in the fridge. She picked up her car keys and left home, headed down the road to a fast food drive-thru.

Now her husband and three children go hungry.

Watercolored Photo by Artist Anaa

Post note: My marriage was not the fodder for this post, although we do eat leftovers quite often here.


Anonysister said...

Love the watercolor effect, Anaa!

And, Sister, you have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say that I dedicated a post to you and two other new High Calling bloggers. We're so glad you've arrived!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, have driven through a fast food restaurant for my dinner and then let the rest of the gang have leftovers...fortunately they were a tad more eatable than in your post :)

Anonymous said...

i do i look at my marriage right now?

good thought

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Such words, these.

So we keep cooking up a daily feast, savoring down to the last morsel of the day.

Leaving no leftovers.

All's grace,

Anonymous said...

What a poignant vision of bleak times. I think we all might have those leftovers once in awhile. It's a moving reminder to nurture each day and not let those stale moments fester. I'm a firm believer that (not so old)leftovers can serve up a good feast--or we might go very hungry in my house ;-)

the Jeffr said...

Hmm. Provocative and poetic. I can tell i'm going to have fun rooting around on here ;)

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