Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boy Cookies

Winter break 2012 is over and four out of my five children go back to school tomorrow. Over dinner my husband asked the boys what was the best part of this vacation. What was the most fun?

They stared blankly across the table at us.

Clearly we didn’t go to Disneyland, or to the beach, or anywhere fun at all.

We parents made attempts to spark ideas for answers... “Remember you went to Daddy’s work for the day?”, “Remember you went for a ride in the van to go pick up the new t.v.?”, and oh thank God an actual event... “Remember the hockey game Daddy took the Gecko to?”

“Oh yeah, yeah... Dad’s work was awesome,” big smiles. Kids are so dang willing to love you.

Daddy’s work, a hockey game with Dad, going on a road trip with Dad. Mommy is feeling a little crappy right about now. Yes, I cooked for them, read with them, brushed their teeth and kissed their boo boos, but I didn’t DO anything at all to make the vacation special. Nothing. Nada.

A roll of Pilsbury Sugar Cookie dough, two squeezy bags of icing, and a bunch of sprinkles fixed it. Just like that (snap your fingers with me my friends) there is something great to remember about this school vacation.

back_to_school_cookies I think they did a great job decorating their cookies. They look just like they should look. Forget those blogs where you see cookies made by girls... cookies that look too pretty to eat... Martha Stewart-style cookies. These are boy cookies!


They were very patient and did not whine excessively while I took photos of our grand sugar cookie production.


The girls were busy enjoying a bath during the cookie making adventure, but once Kimani was out she was very insistent about getting one. She said and signed cookie...


And when I gave her a piece of one, she proceeded to enjoy it in the most delightful way.


Yup, tomorrow morning they go back to school... tired, strung-out, with a cookie in each of their snack bags. And mommy and Autumn will be home alone with a big tray of cookies... um yum yum.

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My gosh, your kids are gorgeous.

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