Saturday, February 4, 2012

Anonymous said...

The following is a response to my Question of Faith post. One of the best things about blogging is hearing other people’s thoughts on the things that matter to me.

"Leaving God out of this story entirely.... there is a human in the world by the name of Kimani and she may have to live her life more instinctually than thoughtfully, and you will be the observer. You will be the guide standing by to steer her life in some direction. She and you will be one in so many ways. If you had certain dreams and desires for the future of this child, they are changed.... so where do you look when you look into her future; into the mystery of her? Maybe someday you will see a grand purpose for her life on earth... maybe not, but there she is. She just is. Her hand is always in your hand. There is no explanation for Kimani. There is no explanation for love... love just is."

Anonymous has got me thinking about my dreams for Kimani.

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