Friday, November 6, 2009

Pro-choice and A Christian?

I have said here publicly that I am pro-choice. I think it is also pretty obvious that I am a Christian. How is this possible?

I am pro-choice when it comes to sin. That is the simple explanation.

The more in-depth analysis of it is that abortion is complicated. I do not think any girl grows up dreaming about her chance to get a d&c. There may be some women who are more callous in their public expressions concerning abortion but for each woman who has walked that road, surely there is a personal story. Most likely a personal tragedy of sorts.

I know it is a baby. I know it should have rights. I am not one of those who beats around the bush using euphemisms such as “losing it” or “ending a pregnancy”. I get what is going on, and though it sometimes makes me sad, most often I feel it is not my business to attempt to regulate other people’s personal lives.

So in a nutshell, here is what I would dictate if I were The Dictator of the world. You can have an abortion up to 16 weeks. After that no deal unless there is proof that the mother risks death or a permanent disability by continuing the pregnancy. (Sorry, mental anguish doesn’t count.) An abortion could also be performed between 18 and 28 weeks if there is proof that the baby will not be viable after birth or will have such a low quality of life medically that it could be considered cruel to save the infant's life. (Sorry, T21 doesn’t count).

Why 16 weeks? At about 22 weeks modern medicine can keep a fetus alive in a NICU. Eventually they will be able to do it without the baby having any of the complications that are a concern today. A 16-week old fetus is entirely dependent on its host mother and cannot be transferred to any other environment and still live. 16 weeks is long enough to know your situation and make up your mind. In time, with medical advances, this dictator could be persuaded to change the number of weeks.

How can a Christian woman believe these things? We are all sinners, and thus all equally guilty according to James 2:10, “And the person who keeps all of the laws except one is as guilty as the person who has broken all of God's laws.”

Don’t argue with me about this. It is a view that has been about 25 years in the making. If you have an irresistible urge to exert some energy on this subject, first go adopt Dasha (who is just 3 months older than my sweet Kimani) and then come back to talk me out of my stance.


Anonymous said...

not sure i understand your point. Are you saying you dont think its wrong to have an abortion before 16 weeks, or that you accept there is free will and accept that it is not your job to change free will?

TUC said...

It is wrong at any week and I accept free will... though as a Christian I believe it is my job to try to encourage (not force) choices that are inline with God's will.

TUC said...

I should add that I truly believe that one of the best ways to encourage women to have their babies is by adopting those who are unwanted, like Dasha and her friends.

JoAnn said...

Amen.....thank you for saying this so well. I too am Christian and pro-choice. My own choice would be NEVER to abort a baby (possible horrendous medical scenarios would be the only exceptions). Adoption is truly the right, the Christian solution to unwanted babies. But how can we legislate other people's moral stances on this issue? As you say, it's complicated, and involves deeply personal (and likely tragic) details of the lives of ordinary, decent women, most of whom are probably not "pro-abortion" at all. We have not walked in their can we understand what led them to their decisions?

Julie said...

A confession - I am entranced reading your blog. I can't make myself stop, but I will for now after this. You have a beautiful family and I'm inspired by how comfortable you are with your convictions.
A secret - I'm doing my best to bring Dasha home. I have a reluctant husband, but commitment money is almost complete, my 13 yr old daughter has made space in her room, and I pray many times a day for clarity. I already love her. I tell you this, even though no one else knows (but my family), because you've posted her pic a few times and I think she has a place in your heart as well.

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