Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crossing the Chasm

For some reason when I look at this picture, I am transported in reverse across the chasm in time to the days when he was still all a mystery to me. A time when staring into those eyes could make my skin tingle and my heart race. Back then, I swear, my jaw would tighten and my incisors would stretch at the thought of sinking a bite into that neck.

Twelve years time has relegated those transcendent intimacies to mere memories triggered by the two dimensional, split-second capture of the abstract, yet sublime, husband.

Next week, in celebration of our tenth anniversary, we go away alone to a very romantic place. Yeah baby, 3D here we come!


Lacey said...

A very romantic place sounds good to me. Have a great time!

Monica said...

Happy anniversary, your get away sounds wonderful, I'm so happy you are able to do that!!!!!!! Not only does it make us better partners but better parents!! Have a great time!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ten years is a long time and deserving of an amazing anniversary celebration! have a wonderful time and stretch those incisors!

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