Thursday, April 2, 2009



He came stealthily, consistently
whispering in her ear
You will love it, Liar said.
It being most anything to
cripple, consume, destroy her.
Maybe she tried not to hear
Maybe I tried not to see
and yet,
their pact grew stronger

He came disguised as mother
whispering in her ear
Take my hand, Liar said,
the abyss is not that far
and I am here to guide you
Maybe she tried not to follow
Maybe I tried not to look
her hands grew colder

Liar came and away she went
whispering in his ear
At last my love, she said
we’ll do those things you promised
together, consumed, destroyed
Maybe she’s trying to forget
Maybe I cannot remember
either way,
my small heart is cracked


sharilyn said...

i really like your poem, though it sounds as though it was born of heartache... God's best to you today...

cd said...


Jo said...

Great Poem! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say about this poem. It opened my own wounded heart in sympathy. Somethimes there are no is everything. anaa

Lyla said...

Long, heavy sigh. Don't know what else.

Thanks again for opening your heart.

L.L. Barkat said...


And this phrase haunts...

Maybe she's trying to forget
Maybe I cannot remember
either way,
my small heart is cracked

sojourner said...

my heart is cracked alongside your own for realities such as this - thank you for being an advocate and speaking up so loudly with emotional words

Tina said...

beautiful, heart wrenching....
hits close to home for me
I see similarities in my own reality


JoAnn said...

It pierces my heart.

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