Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wash some dirty dishes
Gather up rumpled clothes
Diaper a soft pink bottom
Change the sheets
Pluck a few stray eyebrows
Wonder why
Feed hungry mouths
Drink some black tea
Pick crumbs off the couch
Change the batteries
Read Moo Baa La La La again
Wander room to room
Barely balance an account
Shampoo little brown curls
Pass out vitamins
Write a couple lines of code
Kiss husband hello or goodbye
Scribble a grocery list
Wish vaguely
Sweep up dried playdough chunks
Empty the dishwasher
Fold warm scented laundry
Brush sixty-eight teeth
Type a blog post
Lay my head down
Whisper a prayer
Get one day closer


Billy Coffey said...

This was wonderful.

"...Wonder why...Wish vaguely...Get one day closer."


sharilyn said...

beautiful! and ditto to billy's comment above... i especially like the "lay my head down, whisper a prayer, get one day closer" each day here is one day closer to there...

Jennifer said...

As my daughter now sits on the floor, pulling PlayDoh from her craft shelf, I laugh and sigh and relate. Sometimes, I wonder at the meaning of these little steps toward home -- so small, but getting us there all the same.

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, but it IS a poem. And a good one at that. I can see it all, feel it in my bones.

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