Friday, June 22, 2012

The End of Kindergarten

Today is the last day of school. That means it is the last day of Kindergarten for Jade. There isn’t much profound to say about this except that it didn’t make me sad like I expected it to. It simply reminded me that time passes too quickly.

 Here is what Day One looked like


Kindergarten Reflections Interview
What was the best thing that happened in Kindergarten?
Jade: When we had the chicks and I got to hold one.

Who was your favorite person?
Jade: Anna... who is going to a different school (big sad face).

Best school lunch?
Jade: Hotdogs. And the kiwi that I fell in love with. The kiwi is the best. The hotdog is second. Wait... hotdogs and kiwis, that’s the best lunch.

Best time of the day?
Jade: Outdoor recess!

What is the most important thing you learned in Kindergarten?
Jade: I know what 10 plus 9 is.
Mom: What is it?
Jade: Um, let me think. 19! It is 19! because 20 minus 1 is.
Mom: That’s how you figured it out?
Jade: Yup.

Any advice for a little kid going into Kindergarten next year?
Jade: Yeah, keep your hands to yourself. And I would tell them to walk inside the white lines so that they would be ready and know everything.

And this was today...


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Anonymous said...

Well, day one there he is, if a bit shy, looking uncertain. It's okay, follow big brother and be just fine. Now look, in just a few months, here he is... confident, knowing just where to step. And so strong of purpose. First off the bus. Gotta love the kid!

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