Saturday, March 17, 2012

Through the Window

As I stand at my dresser rummaging through the top drawer for a pair of socks, I see you walking up our long driveway, unaware of me. You have on jeans, a black tee-shirt, and a cap facing backward. Well beyond a 5 o’clock shadow is creeping toward your goatee, and your long hair is tied back in a waving ponytail.

In this moment I see you the way some stranger, some other woman might see you... strong and sexy, competent and wild. The fifty yards and window panes that separate us have the power to suspend fifteen years of my life, and I begin to ache for you... a you I barely remember.

Without thinking, I put my hand up flat against the window as if it were possible to reach through it and touch the past. I am surprised at how cool the glass feels against my palm, cold like my heart.

If I left you now, I do believe I would spend the rest of my life searching for that man in the driveway.



Anonymous said...

These are the days you want to say, "just treat me as you would a stranger...someone you've just met...just been introduced to...just laid your eyes on for the first time. Yes, just talk to me like that. Like you did when we shared our first conversation."
Remember when the tone of your voices mattered? When the edges were soft...inquiring? When the layers weren't yet peeled back? Then that voice inside your head says loudly, "GET REAL!"

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

this is a post I relate to...Chad often catches me off guard...and a place I want to go back talk as if there was no tomorrow and to live in the moment and spontaneous acts that we used to share...before our lives got to where they are, kids, life take over and I want to just have that moment back that I had when we fell in love...trying to recreate it just is not the same...because there is a voice in the back of my head that reminds me of reality...saying that there is nothing sexier then father of my children and seeing him love them the way he does...smiles

Anonymous said...

A magical tree in Kyiv that produces chairs for fruit...... If you can manage to sit on one of these magical chairs you can freeze time forever..... Would that... could that... No, it's just a piece of art, cold, fake just fantasy.

Lisa said...

Wow. I love this.

Cole said...

Whenever I'm angry with charlie I often think about what I want in a partner- and it always comes up him. How lucky we are to know that. xoxo

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