Saturday, January 23, 2010

Addicted to Starbucks

Somebody really loves vanilla lattes with whipped cream. Don’t panic, it’s a solo.


Oh no, I think she might be an addict just like her mother... because look what happened when we took it away.


Just to prove that I am not the worst parent in the world... I’ll let you watch her eat some nice healthy fruit for breakfast. For those not in the Ds community, this is a big deal... some kids don't like to eat. Kimani’s SLP is amazed by her abilities when it comes to food. Guess we got lucky in this category.

p.s. Dear grandparents, do not call me up and chastise me about the coffee. If you do, I will write a book about my childhood...


Tara said...

LOL!!! Don't feel bad. My 2 1/2 yo son follows me around in the morning waiting for the moment I set my coffee cup down, so he can swoop it up and down whatever's left. Sigh. Drives me crazy, but he loves it.

Your girl has good taste!

Love the comment to the grandparents, too. :)

Jasmine said...

I loved it. I can't believe how well she finger feeds herself. Her chewing reflex is fantastic. Nice job!!!!

Thank God!!

Windmills and Tulips

Kelly said...

Love Love Love the Starbucks pictures!!!

Julie said...

Your daughter is adsolutely adorable! It's wonderful to see another good eater.

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